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Vaping flavour ban on E-Cigarettes in New Zealand

Vaping flavour ban – In September 2019, six unfortunate and irresponsible people died from vaping synthetic THC mixed with vitamin-e oil which caused a media frenzy, the blame and the cause for these deaths were not the people who who chose to vape illegal and harmful substances but rather an unjustified, non researched blame was […]

Vaping Laws in Oceania

Oceania is a continent of contrasts with Australia veering towards a total ban and New Zealand embracing vaping. Here are vaping laws in some of its countries. The laws regulating vaping around the world are constantly changing. While some have been lenient, a lot of countries have been taking extra precaution in reacting to the quick […]

How To Clean and Maintain Your Vape Device

Vapers, you know your devices get old, grimy and cause all sorts of problems. But did you know much of these can be avoided with simple maintenance steps? Follow along this guide to get your vaporizing devices lasting longer, performing better and tasting nicer! This is the ultimate guide for our New Zealand customers to get […]

How to get into building your own coils for RDA, RTA and RDTA

1. What You Will Need To Build Coils: An ohms reader RDA of your choice Resistance Wire: Kanthal or NiChrome (We are using 28ga Kanthal in this tutorial) Small blue 2mm screwdriver (included with most RDA’s) or 2mm drill bit/ 14ga blunt tip needle Additional small screwdriver or Allen key that fits your RDA’s screws. Small […]

Nicotine based vaping products now legal in New Zealand

The Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Ministry of Vape E-liquid (jokes), has announced exciting new policy changes concerning vaping. The sale of nicotine based vaping products now legal in New Zealand! This update is from the New Zealand Ministry of Health website on June 6th, 2018. “6 June 2018: Vaping products and heated tobacco […]